CSC Systems


Frost is a 2048-processor experimental IBM BlueGene/L system utilized by a research consortium including the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the University of Colorado at Denver. The system is located at NCAR's Mesa Lab facility in Boulder and run by NCAR's Scientific Computing Division with assistance from CSC researchers.

The CSC has been involved with Frost since its initial proposal and uses the system for experiments with scalable numerical methods for climate modeling as well as systems engineering for massively parallel computing platforms.

In late 2009, Frost was expanded to have four racks. It is currently available to the NCAR and CU communities directly, and is also available to researchers at other organizations through the TeraGrid allocations process.


Hemisphere is an 64-node Atipa cluster that provided the bulk of the CSC's computational resources at the University of Colorado from 2002-2007, and is now used for cloud computing research.

Since Hemisphere is no longer under warranty, we are not adding new accounts at this time.

Each Hemisphere node contains dual 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon processors and 2GB of memory. Hemisphere features a Dolphin 2D torus interconnect for high-performance MPI parallel processing.


Occam is a 27-node IBM PowerPC 970 Blade Cluster.

Since Occam is no longer under warranty, we are not adding new accounts at this time.

Each compute node contains dual PowerPC 970 processors and 2.5 GB of memory. Occam is networked with Gigabit Ethernet, and is ideal for batch processing and parameter studies.


Toaster is a single-node system containing dual Intel Xeon EMT64 processors and 8 GB RAM. As a EMT64 machine, Toaster is used for heterogeneous systems research projects and running jobs that require large amounts of memory.