Toaster is a single system containing two Intel Xeon 3.6 GHz EMT64 processors and 8 GB of memory.

Connecting to Toaster

To have your CSC account activated on Toaster, please contact the administration team. Once your account has been activated, simply SSH to the host 'loaner' from Hemisphere.

For more information on shared resources, such as where to store your files, see the Getting Started guide.

Important Note: Toaster is an Intel EMT64 system that support compiling in both 32-bit and 64-bit modes. Make sure to specify the correct compiler options to compile and link in the desired mode. In addition, make sure to specify the correct libraries for linking; you must link with libraries intended for the desired bit mode. In most cases, the Intel xlf/ifort compilers produce the highest performance 64-bit code.


MPI Libraries


The following common applications are installed. If you would like another application installed for system-wide use, please contact the administration team.

Programming Languages

java 1.3.1 /usr/lib/java/bin/java
perl 5.8.3 /usr/bin/perl
python 2.3 /usr/bin/python

Other Popular Applications

MATLAB 7.0 (R14) /opt/matlab-R14/bin/matlab


The following compilers are available on Toaster in the following locations:

GNU Compilers

Compiler Location
gcc 3.3.3 /usr/bin/gcc

The gcc compiler produces 64-bit code by default. You can use ‘file’ to determine the output format, and ‘ld -m ’ to control linking. (The ‘ld -verbose’ option lists the supported emulations, including elf_x86_64.)

Intel Compilers

Compiler Location
icc 8.1 /opt/intel/compiler81/bin/icc
ifort 8.1 /opt/intel/compiler81/bin/ifort

MPI Libraries

Toaster supports MPI using the MPICH library only.


To use MPICH, use the following compilation directives:

Feature Compiler Directive
Compilation Headers -I /opt/mpich-version/include
Linking Libraries -L /opt/mpich-version/lib -lmpich

Note that you must specify the correct version of MPICH for the compiler and bit level you are using, such as icc64, gcc32, or gcc64.

To avoid difficulties, make sure to specify the full path to ‘mpirun’. If you attempt to run a program compiled with one MPI library with the mpirun command shipped with another MPI implementation, your program may fail to run or every process will execute as the only process in a one-task communicator.